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Startup in London need SEO
SEO Tips

Why your London Startup cannot ignore Search Engine Optimisation.

The simple fact of modern business is that whatever you do, most of your clients will come from online. And these clients must find you …

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Blog news

How Google Search Works?

Google is a fully automated search engine platform that works using “web crawlers” (also known as web spiders or web robots) they explore the web constantly …

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Bets web design trend in 2020
SEO Tips

Best web design trend in 2021

Web design trends are constantly evolving and changing; every year many website designers push new boundaries by testing new styles, discovering whats catch the eye …

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Effective E-Commerce
Blog news

Build an Effective Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Just like brick and mortar, eCommerce requires a multifaceted, well-thought-out marketing strategy in order to succeed. Fifteen years ago, you wouldn’t expect to simply rent …

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WordPress 5.4-lazy Loading
Teksyte News

WordPress 5.4 May Feature Image Lazy-Loading by Default

New WordPress 5.4 will bring image lazy-loading feature by default. The concept of lazy loading allows a webpage to render without loading certain resources until …

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